Saturday, February 23, 2019

evozi apps | legitimate source 2019

Apps evozi is a app fetching platform where you can download apk files means mobile apps like play store with out any problem.
apps evozi
Evozi apps

apps evozi

Android system has completely changed our lifestyle. Android system is #1 operating system used in the whole world. It has changed our life economically, socially etc . Nowadays we have access to every corner of the world. This is because of this Android system.

We download apps for our mobile phones/Android phones from Google play store. It is the best way to download any app but sometimes Google play store runs slowly or we don't get app we are searching for then we go to the Google and search that application. But I will recommend you that may not be secure for your Android operating system. You should not download any app without knowing in depth about third party website

If you are facing these problems, now don't worry I will be sharing with you a wonderful website where from you can download any app for your Android device in a legitimate and secure way.

Hey! friend please, stick to it.
Incase you want to download or install any software for your Android device, I will recommend you go through the following steps and download any app you want in a secure method. It is the legitimate way to download apps to your Android device or smartphone.

There is a free online app fetching downloader called "app downloader" creation of Evozi apps . You don't need to sign up to use this apk files downloader. When you face any issue like country restriction , you can simply use this method and download apk file that you want.

Apps evozi

Steps are:
#1 Go to play store app or website and copy the URL or name of an application. After copying URL, exit play store or website.

#2  Now go to the apps evozi page and paste the link or name in a search bar. After pasting the link address or name now Click on " Generate Download Link"
apps evozi
Evozi page
#3 The website will  catch the package automatically and you will get an install link for downloading the app quickly.

#4 when yoto will click on download icon . You app will start downloading.

Got it?
Enjoy apps evozi

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Friday, February 22, 2019

Blogger Android mobile apps - 2019

Blogger applications one should have.

Blogger Android mobile apps - 2019

Blogger platform is growing rapidly. Nowadays so many blogging platforms are providing free hosting and domains . Everyone wants to be a successful blogger.

Am I right?
If you are a blogger then you are at the right place and direction. Read this article completely.
Today, we have prepared a  list of blogging Android apps which you can use for better blogging results with minimal effort and investment.
These apps are very essential for you if you are a blogger. By using these applications, you can write and publish any post from anywhere..

Blogger Android mobile apps - 2019

#1 Blogger:

This application has awesome reviews, ratings and features. You can write any blogger post, insert images, videos, PDF format files through this application. It also allows you to know the total page views and comments of your website. If you have any website in blogger site then it will be helpful for you.
#Note : Helpful for only blogger hosting users.

#2 WordPress:

It is the best app and #1 application. It allows you to write any type of post , according to your wish. You can insert any image, any video, any PDF format file through this application. 
#Note: It will be helpful for only WordPress hosting users.

#3 Puffin web browser:

If you don't have any PC/laptop and you still want to be a successful blogger now, don't worry. Puffin web browser allows you to insert, edit HTML coding. it has mouse button and gaming mouse button features. It's loading speed is more faster than other web browsers. This app is also available for PCS . This application has pro version. If you want it's pro version then go to the play store and buy it's pro version.

#4 Grammarly Keyboard:

This application has awesome reviews and features. This app auto detects your English grammatical errors/mistakes and corrects them automatically. This app has website and PC version as well. If you want to download this app then you can download it from the play store.
Grammerly Keyboard

#5 Google analytics:

This app allows you to measure total page views, bounce rate, organic traffic, paid traffic, traffic location, server location, real time users etc of your website audience. Don't forget to download it. You can download it directly from the play store by searching Google analytics in Search Bar.
Google analytics

#6 Google drive:

This app allows you to save any data like images, PDF format files etc in a Gmail account. This app gives you free 15GB memory per Gmail account. It allows you to scan any file with your Android device.

#7 Google Adsense:

This app allows you to measure your earnings, page views, CPC, impression CTR, CTR, Traffic, Page RPM, impression RPM etc of your website. If you want to download this app , you can easily download this application from play store.
Google Adsense

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Backlinks importance in blogging 2019

backlinks importance in blogging 2019

backlinks SEO

backlinks increases our DA.

Blogging is today's best way of earning. If you want to be a successful blogger then you should learn many skills in blogging field.

Blogging plays a big role in determining the rank of a website and a blog post.
You should know the importance of backlinks.

Backlinks increases our DA and PA mean Domain Authority and post Authority.

when we have a high domain and post Authority our blog post automatically gets higher score in rankings than other websites.
Let me tell you.

How we can create backlinks?

You need to be aware about backlink types.
Friends, backlinks are of two types.

1.Do-Follow backlinks.
2.No-Follow backlinks.

Do Follow backlinks are more important for your website than No Follow backlinks.

You should make more and more backlinks but do-follow backlinks.
You should make backlinks from high D.A and P.A websites.
Methods to create do follow backlinks.

Commenting: By comments you can create a website backlinks
Registering: Many websites are allowing their visitors account creation on their website.
Create a new account and mention your website and you will get a do follow backlink.

Guest posting: It is another but best way of creating a backlinks. Here you have to write a new post for another website and you need to mention your website in a post.
You get a do follow backlink by this method.
backlinks are most important factor behind blogging.

 So learn create more and more backlinks 

Read our more posts.
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.blogspot domain website - 2019

.blogspot domain website - 2019

Today we are going to learn "How to create a website on"

Are you ready to learn?


First of all you need to know is 
"What is Blogging?"
Let's start.
Blogging is a platform/foundation where we can post content according to our knowledge/will etc. After some time we start earning money from it, when we become a professional blogger.
Blogging provides you opportunity to share any information in Search engines that's Google, Bing etc.
Nowadays many students are Blogger and they earn money alot from blogging platform.

Now we will look at
 "What are the skills required for blogging?"
You don't need any skill for blogging except content writing. If you have any knowledge to share, then you are at the right place and direction.

How to create a website on blogger?

.blogspot domain website
. blogspot website
  • Firstly, you need to have a laptop or a smartphone.
  • Secondly, you should have an access to the internet.
  • Now follow the steps and make your own and free website.
  • Steps are:
  • Open any web browser but my recommendation is chrome Web browser.
  • Now search in Search Bar " "
  • When you will search you will be redirected on blogger homepage.

  • Now select any Google account.
  • If you don't have any Google account then create an account.
  • Now sign up.
  • Enter any domain example
  • Check whether the domain is available or not. If not then try another one example
  • Now select any template/theme according to your niche.
  • Congrats! your site is ready now to share whatever you want.
  • Click on new post.
  • Write your content/post.
  • After writing a post click on publish icon in the upper right corner.
  • Now you are a blogger.
  • You can use images in your blog as well.
How to get Adsense approval in Hindi

For Further information we have our posts on blogging.
Don't forget to read.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Palki2 blogger responsive Template - 2019

Palki2 blogger responsive template


Palki2 blogger responsive template is a responsive Blogger template of MS-Design. It is a desktop and mobile friendly blogger template creation of MS-Design.

By using Palki2  responsive Template, your SEO score will increase automatically. Because we early mentioned it is SEO friendly blogger template.

Let me tell you the Features of palki2 blogger responsive Template.


Palki2 blogger responsive Template is a mobile friendly template. A mobile friendly template plays an important and vital role in determining website search rankings.

Google also likes a mobile friendly website.
Amazing palki2 features.

Free version features-Palki2:

SEO Friendly:

It is very important factor that decides your Domain Authority(DA) and PA. When we use SEO friendly template our DA and PA automatically increases.

Palki2 template is highly SEO optimized blogger theme/template and helps us in better SEO results.

Use this template namely Palki2 Responsive blogger template and see the difference.

SOcial sharing buttons:

This theme has social sharing buttons. It makes sharing easier than other templates.
This is the best feature in this template.

Search Bar:

In this template search box is also available, where your audience can easily reach the posts according to their interests.

More features both in free and paid version features:
  • 404 error page.
  • Ads friendly template.
  • Different colors.
  • white background.
  • comment section.
  • Various Menus.
  • Translation Menu.

Pro Features:

  • You can remove footer credit easily in this template.
  • You have to pay only for one time.
  • Premium support.
  • Much more.

By using mobile friendly template you can increase visitors to your website because most of website visitors come from smartphone and mobile tablets.

Download Palki2

My advice to you will be
"Use mobile friendly template if possible then use pro version and see the difference.

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We will be grateful to you.

Monday, February 18, 2019

SEO | SEO friendly blog post methods-2019-must read

SEO Blog post

Blog SEO
Blog SEO

My dear friend, if you want to write SEO friendly blog posts then you should follow several steps.
Please, keep these steps in mind while writing a blog post. It doesn't matter what your blog/website is all about "SEO, Science, Health, Motivation, Lifestyle, Child care or maybe about Education.
The Steps are:

  • Know your audience related to your niche: 

The first and important thing in blogging is to know the audience related to your niche. You should ask in comments to your audience"What they like and what they want?" 
It is the best way to rank in Google. You should try to understand your audience, what they expect from you .

  • Problem solving:

You should try to solve problems of your audience and give them best solutions. It will increase your blog's audience retention.
If your audience retention is good then Google will rank your website automatically.

  • Keyword researching:
Do keyword research for better results. There are so many free and paid keyword research tools like Ahrefs and Google keyword planner. Google keyword planner is a free tool of Google Ads for keyword research.

  • Use Attractive Headlines:
Write Headlines which attract audience attention quickly. Start your blog Headlines with these words "why, Do, Does, Do you want, How to get, , How, How to, Top, Top 10, Amazing, Trending, Real etc".
  • Design:
You need to set a theme/template in your blog/website related to your niche. Example; News Template, Story Template, Technology Template, Gadget Template etc.
  • Content:
Content is the most important factor that decides your Google rankings. It determines your Google rank. We hear it and read it often " Content is the king" It is true. If your content is more informative than others then Google will rank your website automatically. You will get an organic search traffic daily.

  • Social Media:
It is the best way to promote your blog/website and to get more traffic. You should understand the power of social sharing. You must use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus in order to rank and to get more traffic to your website.

  • Copywriting:

If you can hire a copy writer then hire a copy writer for your website who can write articles/content for your blog.

  • Use Videos:
Good content doesn't mean to write in the form of text only. Today's audience expect to get content/information in the form of videos. They don't like to read articles. Videos are much more effective than text format articles.

  • Post Articles Regularly:
You need to post articles regularly in order to rank in Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc . 

  • Copy Paste Writing:
Don't copy and paste anyone's content in your blog. Because Google is much more smarter than us . Google will detect your copyrighted content easily. So always write your own content.

  • Do On-page SEO:
You Should always try to write SEO friendly blog posts. Use no-follow back links and Do Follow back links in your blog post and also don't forget to use Permalink.

  • Target your audience:
If want to be a successful blogger then you should target your audience minutely. You should target age groups. You need to target gender as well. A good blogger motivates his audience.

  • Use Short Paragraphs:
Always write your blog in short paragraphs or in steps. It helps audience in understanding. Also, reader doesn't get bored.

You should always follow these steps if you want to rank in Google. Thanks for reading my dear friend.